Things To Do For Couples In Liverpool

Being in love isn't just great for, you know, all the obvious reasons, but also because there are so many places to spend time together. Whether you're soaking in the sights from some rooftop bars, immersing yourselves in a quirky activity or swanning about a festival of gin, this city proves that romance isn't boring. Take a look at our list of fun things to do in Liverpool for couples.

Last updated on 19th May 2023


With the help of a YO! sushi master over at Liverpool ONE, you and your beau will learn the art of Japanese cooking. Perfect your knife skills and have a wack at creating sashimi, nigiri, maki and hand rolls, as well as enjoy tasty tipples and nibbles along the way.

Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Liverpool on Various dates from Saturday 3rd June 2023

Couples night out on the town? Over at Liverpool city centre cocktail bar Alcotraz, you and the other half can enjoy an evening sipping bespoke cocktails. But wait - there's a twist. First, you'll need to pop on orange jumpsuits, sneak in contraband liquor and grab a seat in your cell.

Liverpool Naval Club

From live comedy shows through to themed music events, Liverpool Naval Club is the go-to for fun nights out in Liverpool. With the chance to chow down on buffet food and delicious courses, as well as discos that take you into the early hours, this is one for a wild date night.

Panoramic 34

Offering panoramic views of the city, the fittingly-named Panoramic 34 is a romantic restaurant that's sure to blow your partner away. Experience a night of luxury drinking and eating, with breathtaking views and plenty of Insta-moments.

Goodness Gracious

There's nothing quite like soaking up the sights on date, and Goodness Gracious looks impressive both inside and out. Come here with bae for a wonderful array of cocktails, as well as the chance to get the ultimate Insta pic.