Weird And Wonderful Bars In Liverpool

From the mildly wacky to the totally other-worldly, there's more than enough offbeat drinking destinations to keep you entertained from Chapel Street to the Baltic Triangle. From bustling hideaways where you can watch a circus show all the way to hidden speakeasies and pirate hideaways, read our recommendations for some of the quirkiest Liverpool bars. 

Shrouded in secrecy, the only way into Seel Street's 81LTD is by appointment only. Featuring some of the city's most innovative beverages, this tiny cocktail haven is one of the coolest bars in Liverpool. 

You know you've stumbled into somewhere a bit different when the neon sign on the wall reads 'Sleep Is The Baby Mama Of Death'. Plying craft beer, cocktails and good tunes to the wee small hours, Motel is not just one of the wackiest, but also one of the funnest bars in Liverpool. 

Fancy a game of Donkey Kong with your cocktail? Look no further, because this neon-lit den is all about the old school with a unique selection of themed drinks to match with retro games played on Nintendo 64s, Megadrives and the SNES.

Like your cocktails with a side of magic? Well, you've come to the right place. Take a look at The Oracle; the city centre bar that's bringing you speakeasy vibes and Victorian-era stylings alongside great drinks and a little sleight-of-hand.