Something A Little Different in Liverpool

Though a night at your local pub or an evening at the restaurant down the road is okay, Liverpool's bursting full of interesting, quirky, brilliantly bizarre spots. From themed bars to down-right odd restaurants, the city has plenty of hidden secrets under its sleeves and is great for anyone looking to step outside of their comfort zone. Lucky for you, we've searched long and far, and have compiled a list of the edgiest restaurants and bars, offering something a little different in Liverpool.

Last updated on 19th July 2019

If you loved The Greatest Showman, this is the perfect opportunity to re-live the magic. Circo are hosting an incredible immersive screening of the hit movie, complete with kooky decor, fancy dress, bottomless booze and all the popcorn you could wish for.

CIRCO Never Ever Land

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Marrying delicious dinner, carefully crafted drinks and frivolous circus acts together, the team at Circo pay homage, in the only way they know how, to the legendary Philip Astley. No, not the singer, but the man that curated the first modern circus in 1770. Striking the perfect balance between brilliantly bizarre and just plain strange, dinner and a show in Liverpool doesn't get much quirkier than this.

Bierkeller Liverpool

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Mad about all things Bavarian, and thinking that every month is October, Liverpool's Bierkeller on Thomas Steers Way showcases the finest German lagers and brews, all served in huge steins and all delivered to your table by a team dressed in traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl. Whether you're gulping down a crisp Weissbier or tucking into some delicious schnitzel and bratwurst, the fun-loving, infectious atmosphere of this spot makes it one of the quirkiest bars in Liverpool.

Berry and Rye

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Rolling back the clock to the boisterous 1920s, Berry & Rye is a speakeasy that's heavy with secrecy and mystery. Always working in the shadows and continuously hiding from the prohibition authorities, the bar is concealed behind two plain black doors and even hides its diverse drinks menu in one of the hundreds of books that line the walls. Beautifully decorated and serving drinks from the golden era of cocktail making, this bar laughs in the face of mundane and offers its guest an unforgettable experience.  

Boasting some of the best views of Liverpool's picturesque skyline, and named after the iconic trans-Atlantic cruiser that saved 705 lives from the wreckage of the Titanic, the Carpathia on James Street offers a perfect location for a romantic dinner or a fun family meal. Elegant and flowing with effortless grace, the venue sits head and shoulders above the rest of the city and serves a selection of delectable dishes and fine wines. From delicate steaks covered in flavoursome sauce, to light, steaming hot fish dishes, this restaurant-bar offers something a little different for Liverpool's adventurous crowds. 

When it comes to secret bars in Liverpool, most struggle to hide themselves quite as well as the Ex-directory. Laughing in the face of the conventional door, the bar's entrance can be found in a phone box. With access granted only to those who are able to discover their phone number (trust us, it's not easy), once inside, you'll find a number of opulent booths, a sleek-looking bar and a range of vibrant, complex cocktails that have your name written all over them. 

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With huge boat sails, a handful of hoisted metal anchors and plenty of rustic, maritime-themed antiques spread across the venue, Smuggler's Cove in Liverpool's historic Albert Dock is one of the quirkiest spot in the entire city. Lit by low-hanging chandeliers and candle-lighting, the centrepiece of this bar is its vast, 150 bottle strong rum collection and the accompanying line-up of flavoursome cocktails. With bagfuls of character and never offering a dull evening, it's perfect for anyone looking to try something a little different.

From the name, it's fairly obvious that Aloha is a tiki-inspired cocktail bar. Based in the centre of town and serving an array of concoctions, all composed using the finest spirits and infused with the freshest fruits and most potent spices, the team behind this bar aren't just satisfied with a fun-loving theme. Enhancing the frivolity, the ping pong tables, various mountains of Jenga blocks and large collection of board games ensures that everyone constantly has a huge smile etched on their face.   

Alma De Cuba

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Built around the original features of the Catholic Church it's housed in, Alma De Cuba is a vibrant restaurant bar completely devoted to the cause of delivering great nights our in Liverpool. With the alter, the pews and an idyllic chapel all still in tact, the bars and seating areas embrace the buildings religious heritage. Quirky by nature and offering Liverpool's revellers a bar with a bit of edge, this bar is great for anyone hoping to try something a little different. 

A Mexican joint by name, but shunning all the stereotypes you'd expect to find in a lesser venue, Maya is a bar in the heart of Liverpool that gives the city's revellers a taste of Mexico's underground nightlife scene. With dim lighting and steel bars lining each booth, there's definitely a distinctive rustic feel about the place. To really offer something a little different, the bar staff blend, mix and flair all the best fruits and spices together with the finest Mezcal and Tequila spirits, delivering a great line up of potent cocktails that are sure to leave their mark.

Ink Bar

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Shining brightly on Wood street with plenty of neon signs and a distinctive tattoo theme, Ink Bar always delivers an unforgettable night out in Liverpool. Mad about all things ink related, expect to find some of the most creative and imaginative tattoo designs here. The bar regularly hosts frivolous DJ sets and has become a favourite amongst the city's biggest names, owing to its quirky interior and laid-back nature. 

Based on Liverpool's Seel Street, exclusivity takes on a new meaning at 81LTD. Send the bar a text request, and if you're lucky, you'll hear back from them. Punch in the secret code they send over and feast your eyes of a bar full of quirk and attitude. Full of big names and stunning stars (we're of course talking about the cocktail menu), the bar is chic and offers a luxurious spot to watch the hours drift by in. Ideal for anyone bored with their local boozer, 81LTD offers Liverpool's nightlife scene something a little different. 

Unfazed by glitz and glamour, Liverpool's Motel Bar sits on Fleet Street and serves a no-nonsense, easy-going experience for its many guests. From the unfinished walls and intriguing decor, to the cocktail menu and the huge neon sings reminding us that 'Sleep is the Baby Mama of Death', every small detail has been planned out to give the venue a distinctive industrial-chic feel. Refreshing, welcoming and with a late license that lasts long into the early hours, the bar offers something a little different for Liverpool's night owls.