Secret Bars In Liverpool

This stunning city offers a number of elusive gems with beautiful drinks and quirky interiors hidden in plain sight. There's everything from haunts accessed via phone boxes to glowing green absinthe hideouts on Seel Street. Need a hand deciding? Check out our full guide to the best secret bars in Liverpool.

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Last updated on 16th April 2024

Moonshine Saloon Liverpool: Western Cocktail Experience

@ Moonshine Saloon on Various dates from Friday 24th May 2024

It doesn't get more secret than a covert saloon run by wanted man Clyde Cassidy. Moonshine Saloon's Western Cocktail Experience is an immersive event where you'll enjoy four bespoke cocktails from a bottle of liquor that you'll smuggle in yourself. While you drink, you'll be able to rub shoulders with the locals and take part in fun card games. Watch out for the Sheriff though, as he's out to shut the whole operation down.

Alcotraz Liverpool: Cell Block Three-Six

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Liverpool on Various dates from Friday 24th May 2024

Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six is the immersive cocktail experience that sees you smuggling in booze past the guards for your fellow 'intmates' to shake up into delicious cocktails. The secret Liverpool bar is perfect for unique date nights and quirky evenings out.

The Oracle

Hidden behind a nondescript door in Ropewalks, The Oracle is one of the coolest secret cocktail bars in Liverpool. Keep your eyes peeled for the hanging lamp on Duke Street and you'll be welcomed into a vintage drinking den boasting some of the city's most enchanting pours.