Gin Bars In Brighton

Oh gin, since becoming the nation’s favourite drink we’ve all been trying to find the best place and way to drink it. Straight? With tonic? In a cocktail? These questions are haunting us all the time, especially in Brighton, where nothing sounds more refreshing than a Tom Collins on the seafront. Good job we’ve got together all the best gin bars in Brighton so, whenever it tickles your fancy, you can get the great drink that you deserve.

The Mesmerist

Is there a better gin bar in Brighton than one modelled on the gin palaces of the 1920s? The Mesmerist is an unconventional bar brought to life by its eccentric décor. Their back bar is stocked full of different and delicious gins, but they are most famous for their cocktails, so treat your taste buds to a Ginger Beer, made of Tanqueray gin, root ginger, lemon, gingerbread syrup, Laines Beers and a gingernut biscuit on the side.

The Gin Tub

You can kind of guess that The Gin Tub is going to be on a list of the best gin bars in Brighton, but it doesn't get by on name alone. On top of their huge selection of gin and quirky decorations is a commitment to delicious cocktails, crafted carefully by bartenders with years of experience. They also lined the walls so people can't get phone signal inside the venue, which means you should bring that one friend who chooses to go on Facebook instead of talking to you.    

The Black Dove

The Black Dove is a curious emporium of old-school wares and exemplifies its quirkiness with creative drinks. The Victorian inspired den has a decent selection of gins on their shelf, but their piece de resistance is the 'Cocktail Bible', a list of mixed drinks prepared by their master bartenders, including plenty of gin-based concoctions.     


Join the HarBAR for one of the most fun gin bars in Brighton. Sat along the seafront, you'll be greeted by a stylish interior before you tuck into one of their many refreshing gins. Along with great music and a buzzing atmosphere, they have a list of changing and innovative cocktails, if you fancy something other than a G&T.