Student Clubs in Brighton

With the University of Sussex but a stones throw away and Brighton so vast a hubbub for the young and the fun, it's no surprise that our seaside town sees these students flocking to the shores. But where to get down and diggity when dance floor inspiration strikes? From some of the best in underground DJs and heaving archway clubs to quirky party dens, student clubs in Brighton are an all out affair. Check out our recommendations for some of the best student clubs in Brighton and have yourself one heck of a pocket friendly ruckus on the dance floor. 


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You're not trash, but Monday nights at Coalition are. An infamous clubbing institution overlooking the pebble laced shores, Coalition invite the lecture wielding students of Brighton for party frolics every Monday night at Trash Mondays. Brimming with Brighton's young and fun, this heaving night of resident DJs and name faces puts student clubbing in Brighton on the map and makes Monday evenings that little less of a drag. 


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It's a premium beachfront plot with some of the biggest party names in the business. Spread over two floors with a cocktail bar and heaving club room to boot, Patterns is top notch pickings for a student style ruckus in the city. Fans of electro and pop mash-ups can take to Patterns every Thursday night in Brighton where 'Bastard Pop' spins one hearty selection of dance floor hits and pocket friendly refreshments.


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If you've heard of student clubs in Brighton, you'll no doubt have heard of Oceana. Found on the main road down to the beachfront and noticable by the hoards of young 20 somethings queuing up outside, Oceana is a hubbub of student style activity all week long. From their multiple themed rooms and some of the most pocket friendly tipples in the entirety of Brighton, Oceana is just the ticket for a student on a budget.