Cheap Restaurants in Brighton

Eat, we've all got to do it, but sometimes the price of eating out is just too much a bank burden to bear, until now! From heaving joints and Mexican havens, to bulging burgers and light bites, we've left no stone un-turned when it comes to finding some of the cheapest restaurants in Brighton. Check out our recommendations for the best cheap places to eat in Brighton and scoff the night away.

Shakespeare's Head

110 user reviews 5

Boasting all the charm of a fine-dining gastro pub but at a fraction of the price, the Shakespeare's head is a cheap restaurant in Brighton that never fails to please. From succulent roast dinner to traditional British pies and fish 'n' chip dishes, this local boozer is the perfect spot for anyone on a budget.

The World's End

68 user reviews 4

The World's End in Brighton has made a name for itself by serving budget-friendly grub coupled with ice-cold drinks. Alongside cheese-heavy burgers, guests can tuck into a variety of barbecue dishes while watching live sport on the screen or enjoying the party vibe inside. Grab your mates, head down and soak up all the fun on offer at this cheap restaurant in Brighton. 

This pasta restaurant on Hove's Church Street has family at heart. Run by a mother-daughter team, the restaurant offers a half price deal for the kids - not that it makes a huge difference as their sizeable plates of fresh, healthy pasta will rarely set you back more than £8. 

It's one thing to find a gourmet fried chicken burger for under £10, but quite another to find a vegan gourmet fried chicken burger for the same price. Though specialising in spicy wings and wittily-named dishes, The Bok Shop offers all its burgers in both vegetarian and completely vegan varieties and at a very reasonable price.