Fun Time Party Bars in Brighton

'Fun Time Party', a phrase that sums up Brighton a tad better than 'fish and chips by the sea', don't you think? Boasting an abundance of rollicking hang-outs and watering holes, Brighton is just the ticket for a little liquid leisure, whether you're after dance floor doozies or a little fun time fist pumping action by the bar. Check out our recommendations for some of the very best in fun time party bars in Brighton and divulge in a little seaside debauchery when the moment takes you. 

Last edited by Lauren Cole

Last updated on 12th March 2024

No 32

By day No 32 is a tasty morsel of stylish interiors, laid-back cocktail lounging and sumptuous eats. Sporting a very contemporary cool outfit, No 32 is all masterful mixology behind the bar and fun party atmospheres on the dance floor. DJs take to the decks over the weekend when this place really transforms into a hubbub of revelers. 

The Mesmerist

Whilst The Mesmerist may give off a slick, 1920s brood, they're not complacent when it comes to a little top notch entertainment and weekend antics. Whether you're taking in the sweet sounds of alternative hits in their 'Upstairs at the Mez' parties, or have a hankering for a little vintage fare as burlesque shows and circus performers reign supreme; The Mesmerist is your kind of off kilter party in Brighton. 


One of the most bustling gay bars in Brighton, Legends know how to throw a party to the pop supreme. From your favourite 90s hits and retro spinners to current commercial tracks, Legends play a top notch selection, whether you're in their main club room or by the bar. Never fear about your bank balance either, they rustle up a rollicking drinks deal given the chance. 

Casablanca Jazz Club

Dive bars, we love 'em. But where in Brighton can you get your fill? A basement retreat for those in Brighton who care very little for plush interiors, and more about a cracking atmosphere, Casablanca Jazz Club boast some smashing basement doozies. From live music to being cramped in with your chums, this is good ol' fashioned partying with none of the stuck up sass. 

The Green Door Store

You're cool, you want a fun time party bar, you've come to the right place. Known for their blindingly good DJ parties and heaving collection of top notch underground gig nights, The Green Door Store know nothing of boring, nothing of it at all. Found in a once abandoned warehouse, this party retreat is a cool, and far cry, from slick cocktail bars, instead boasting atmosphere and sweet alternative sounds.