Where To Watch The FA Cup

Towering pints? Huge screens? Beer gardens with enough space for you and all your mates? We're making sure you find a fantastic boozer to catch all the action as your favourite team chases the trophy. Check out our recommendations for all of the best places screening the FA Cup in London and watch the action unfold.

Last updated on 9th February 2023

O'Neill's - Pubs In London

Cheer on your team in the FA Cup at O'Neill's. As this brand totes numerous pubs around the capital, you're never far from a brilliant boozer showcasing the matches. Need something to fuel you through? Dive into juicy, gourmet burgers and sloshing pints galore.

Rocket Euston

One of the best places to watch the FA Cup in London, Rocket Euston is packed with a killer atmosphere, 8 HD TVs and a fantastic sound system. This boozer is perfect for any footie fan, with a lineup of delish grub and refreshing pints topping off the offering.


Searching for a top-notch spot to watch the FA World Cup? Then look no further than Bounce. Make your way to their much-loved Old Street venue to catch the action on the big screen, alongside tucking into unlimited pizza with lip-smacking beer or wine.

The Heathcote and Star

A pub just outside Bushwood, The Heathcote and Star is bringing all the best sports screenings to East London - and the FA Cup is no exception. Gather all your pals and head here for pub grub, pints and a mega beer gardens for when you need a breather.