Stag Do Restaurants in London

Lads lads lads lads. We all know the compulsory Stag Do in London is a bit of a planning nightmare. Your mate has finally decided to settle down and before the unruly celebrations really begin, there's time for a somewhat civilised meal with the boys to toast to his forthcoming marriage. Yeah, sounds like your typical Stag Do that doesn't it.... NAHT. But for those of you who do want to go out to a fun restaurant in London for a celebratory dinner, here's a list of the top Stag Do restaurants in London, just for you. 


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Beer Pong & a Two Pitcher's of Beer and 2 other offers

A bit rough around the edges but cool in all its originality, Core serves City folk well with it's laid-back atmospheres and penchant for hard drinks. Both a night-life hub and a sweet place to dine, rally up the boys for a London stag do restaurant experience that will take you from dinner to party in one swift movement. 

Christmas Parties

Welcome to the male mecca of sports and drinking. Riley's Sports Bar in Victoria is definitely top material for a stag do experience in London coming well equipped with pool tables, darts, snooker tables and screens to show footy matches in all their glory. Grab a bite to eat, get the beers in and relish in all manly activities right here. 

The Piano Works Farringdon

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Champagne & Cocktail Hour and 6 other offers

For those of you guys who fancy yourselves as a bit of a musical mogul, The Piano Works has its stage primed for any and all song requests so you can listen to your hits played out by the live band and two singing pianists. Promising a huge party atmosphere and great food to match, get the boys along for a stag do in London that's a one of a kind experience.


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The perfect set-up of a restaurant bar in London, Foundation is a stalwart for going from dinner to drinks and ending the night with some clubbing. For places to go for a stag do dinner in London, this places serves up more than just food. And, let's face it, you want somewhere you can party and get a bit rowdy without ruining everyone else's meal don't you boys. 

Flight Club Shoreditch

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Book a lunch table for a group of 6 or more & we’ll treat you to a bottle of prosecco!*

Darts. Look alive boys, this is your calling. We can't think of anything more fitting for a lads night out in London (in either Shoreditch or Bloomsbury) than dabbling in a bit of darts play at this brand new dedicated venue, Flight Club. This is something of a stag do activity in London where you can satisfy both hunger and play cravings with dinner in the form of authentic pizzas and then the rest of the night left for darts throwing. 

Christmas Menu £18.95/£21.95 and 2 other offers

This Brazilian-inspired grill and restaurant not only features a menu of delicious treats, but also has a pretty extensive drinks list. Head down for delicious meats from the grill, stacked burgers and plenty of booze to wash it down with.