Best London Pop-Up Restaurants 2023

The city's pop-up scene is so strong that some of the country's coolest restaurants have done away with concrete locations and are coming up with unique dining destinations in the city. Whether you're in search of alfresco eats, food-loving bars or tasty secret hideaways, we've gathered the most edible innovators on the foodie scene to bring you the best pop-up restaurants and events in London.

Last updated on 1st November 2023

The Murdér Express

@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Thursday 30th November 2023

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Valid on the following dates: 26/11/2023, 30/11/2023, 03/12/2023, 10/12/2023, 17/12/2023, 11/01/2024, 12/01/2024, 13/01/2024, 14/01/2024, 18/01/2024, 19/01/2024, 20/01/2024, 21/01/2024, 25/01/2024, 26/01/2024, 27/01/2024, 28/01/2024, 01/02/2024, 02/02/2024, 03/02/2024, 04/02/2024, 08/02/2024, 09/02/2024, 10/02/2024, 11/02/2024, 15/02/2024, 16/02/2024, 17/02/2024, 18/02/2024, 22/02/2024, 23/02/2024, 24/02/2024, 25/02/2024 and 29/02/2024.

An award-winning London dining experience with theatre, pristine plates and cocktails at the heart of what they do. Michelin star chef Niall Keeting is curating the menu, while you catch up on the deadly storyline in a pop-up vintage train carriage.


 From romance and comedy to cuisine, Proud City offers all kings of exciting experiences and shows. Whether you fancy a Bollywood-themed bonanza of dancing and immersive dining or a unique cabaret twist on West Side Story, you won't be disappointed.