Silent Disco in London

A concept that's swept through Britain's nightlife scene over the past decade and showing no sign of slowing down, silent discos are unique club nights, free of eardrum shattering speakers and run solely on wireless headphones. With most offering more than one channel of music, long gone are the days of dragging your mates between different rooms of music. And with London being the ever-adventurous city that it is, there's always a bit of quirk in the air at these events. So without further ado, here's our guide to the best silent discos in London. 

Last updated on 6th September 2019

From the spooky and the spectacular to the fabulously feminist, get your comfiest dancing shoes on and head out on one of these quirky walking tours where you'll dance and sing your way around London's most famous landmarks.

Get grooving as you walk through the city and take in all of its most iconic landmarks. This tour will take you through London's most magical happenings, with the occasional bit of commentary and spontaneous dancing from your guide, as well as the occasional flash mob. What better way is there to see London than to dance through it? 

@ Trapeze on Wednesday 25th September 2019 and 2 other Wednesdays

A workout for the body and the soul, this high-energy silent disco brings you the ultimate shake up. Head over to Trapeze where they'll be clearing out the drunks and making space for you to let your freaky dance flag fly to the greatest tunes from the 70s to the present day.

@ Dans Le Noir? on Every 4th Friday of the month

Far from run-of-the-mill, the Otra Vista Social Club is a monthly silent disco full of surprises. The event is held at the Dans Le Noir? restaurant in Clerkenwell and is run by a talented team of hearing impaired and deaf organisers. Opening minds and testing out your body language skills, the team look to spread some vital knowledge by forcing guests to order drinks and meet/flirt using British sign language. Expect imaginative hand gestures and a few intriguing facial expressions.