Best Pubs In King's Cross

King's Cross has a fair bit going for it these days, thanks to a multi-million injection in to local luxury shopping destination Coal Drops Yard, that gorgeous canal-front and of course, a whopper of a train station. But don't let all the activity fool you, it's also a great place to wind things down in a pnt-friendly setting. So if you're looking for the best pubs in King's Cross? Our up to date guide has you covered.

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Parcel Yard

When station pubs have a bad rap? They look to Parcel Yard for advice on doing better. Set right in the heart of King's Cross station, Parcel Yard has all the Fuller's traits you're looking for: great pints, ale, and of course, British cuisine you can count on. And when you're not heading in for a Sunday roast? Admire the industrial interiors that feature some cool original station components.

Doric Arch

Think you can't move for great Fuller's pubs in King's Cross? You'd be right. Another fan favourite, Doric Arch continue to be a local staple for both the after-work and weekend crowd that know where to get a great pint. Benefitted from its location at the front of Euston station, it's a great tourist stop off too, with Harry Potter World waving its magic nearby, alongside some magic of its own with interiors littered in railway memoribilia.

Babel Beerhouse

You guessed it, Babel Beerhouse do beer. Not only impressive when it comes to their pints on offer, with a specialty in craft beer, Babel Beerhouse is a pretty attractive site, with the bright and colourful sitting alongside the raw and the industrial. Take it from personal experience, if you're interested in some easy small plates, their buffalo cauliflower will do you a solid.