Best Lebanese Restaurants In London

There are few things better in life than sharing beautifully spiced Middle Eastern fare with your mates. So, we've made a list of the best Lebanese restaurants in London that do it to perfection. Whenever you're in the mood for mezze, baba ghanouj or baklava, check out our guide of stunning eateries that offer tasty authentic dishes.

Last updated on 24th May 2023

The Shacklewell Arms

The Shacklewell Arms is a Lebanese restaurant East London can truly shout about. Its resident kitchen, Jellyfish, serves up banging street food, with fillings of cheese and beef available in crispy flatbreads, as well as a selection of Middle Eastern nibbles.


Look no further than Ceru in South Kensington for flavoursome Levantine cuisine served in a cute setting. We love its intriguing slow-cooked lamb shoulder, which is coated in a secret blend of 12 shawarma spices, pomegranate sauce and pistachios.