Best Chinese Restaurants in London

Is there a single person on the planet that doesn’t like Chinese food? Whether you’re popping in for some Dim Sum and cocktails or you want to drown in Hoisin duck and rice, there’s only one city that can provide the quality that you deserve: London. So take a look at our list of recommended best Chinese restaurants in London and get the Eastern meal you deserve.

Last updated on 9th August 2018


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With an interior inspired by the lavish opium culture of Paris and New York and a menu packed with delightful dishes, you can't go far wrong with Miusan when looking for good Chinese food in London. With dishes like Buddha dumplings and Jasmine tea smoked pork ribs, your taste buds will be more than satisfied, and you can wash it all down with their extensive cocktail list of Asian inspired mixed drinks.

The Courtesan

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This unique Chinese restaurant in London hopes to transport you back to the peak of Imperial China. The Dim Sum and cocktail bar, hidden away from the bustling streets of Brixton, is modelled on the dark décor of a Chinese opium den, but don't let the inspiration fool you: the venue is completely child friendly. With original house cocktails, speciality teas and great Dim Sum, this is perfect place for lunch or dinner.

Empire Casino

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Who says eating in a Chinese restaurant in London can't be fun? A trip to FuLuShou is also a trip to the Casino at the Empire, meaning not only can you indulge on some delicious pan-Asian cuisine, once you finish your food, you can head over to play some casino games. With a belly full of everything from curries to fresh lobster chosen directly from the tank, you have more than one reason to keep coming back.

Ping Pong Covent Garden

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Ping Pong Covent Garden serves a hearty selection of Dim Sum and assorted Chinese food in Central London. The spacious bar encourages sharing among friends, while the selection of Chinese teas and cocktails will help the evening breeze along. And if the mixed drinks strike a particular chord, why not get yourself involved in one of their cocktail masterclasses? Closer to Soho? Try the restaurant there instead.


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If you are the experienced Chinese food in London connoisseur that we know you are, then Peony is the hidden gem you need to find. Nestled away in Chinatown, this hidden-bar-within-a-bar exclusive Chinese restaurant focuses purely on the understated: from its delicious array of dreamy Dim Sum to its hand-crafted cocktails, to its sake served in bamboo handled tea pots. 

Inamo Camden

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Inamo Camden serves up unique, pan-Asian fusion dishes while incorporating a playful technological aspect to your dining experience. Food is ordered on a tablet, which can also be used to customise the table and watch the chefs prepare a delicious mix of curry, sushi and other flavours from China and beyond.

Inamo Covent Garden

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With a focus on tapas style, pan-Asian food, Inamo Covent Garden really stands out from the pack with its playful technological fusion aspect. The food is all ordered on tablets and you can play with the interactive tabletop projections, from messing around with virtual fish to watching the chefs creating your food in the kitchen. A truly unique experience.

Inamo Soho

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Inamo Soho is some of the best fun you can have at a Chinese restaurant in London and we're not just talking about the food. Everything is ordered through the virtual tablecloth that acts as a big tablet, but you can also watch the chefs at work, play battleships and more while you wait for their delicious food.


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Hidden Chinese bars and restaurants in London rarely get better than Opium. Located in a secret spot in China Town, the bar serves a delicious selection of Dim Sum that changes seasonally, as well as an Asian cocktail menu, which has each drink feature a delightful London twist. Perfect for a cool atmosphere in a sleek Oriental environment.