Bars in Moorgate

Wedged between Old Street and Bank doesn't just give Moorgate some serious City footfall, it's also home to a barrage of great bars and restaurants. From stunning eateries that reflect British whims and catering down to casual bars and pubs for a few drinks after 9 to 5 grind, check out our recommendations for the best places to eat, drink and purchase pints in Moorgate.


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One of the prettiest places to drink in Moorgate, Finch's is not only a cool and casual pub that plays up to its cutesy, foliage and garden themed interiors, their roster of after work drinks, casual pub inspired bites and cosy seating are a blessing to all that wander through.

Flight Club Shoreditch

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Fizz Hour

Darts has just got a lot more social at the Flight Club. Using state-of-the-art technology and new gameplay techniques, they've improved upon the original recipe to create Social Darts, where you and your friends can battle it out, and even the most inexperienced player has a chance of winning. To help things ease along, there's delicious cocktails and sharing platters as well.