Best Burgers In Brighton

Whether you like them filled with piles of meaty morsels or you're after a stack of the vegan variety, you really can't beat a good patty and bun combo. To save you the trouble of searching around our seaside town, we've done the hard work and compiled this guide about where to find the best burgers in Brighton.

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Last updated on 12th March 2024

The Dorset

The Dorset is making us drool with its enticing collection of burgers. The Brighton blue is a bit of a sensation, showcasing cheese, caramelised onions and homemade sauce, although it would also be hard to pass up the Korean BBQ, made up of battered chicken and gochujang mayo.

The Bok Shop

Prone to pick poultry over beef for your burger filling? Then The Bok Shop is the place for you. The chicken specialists top their birds with everything from fiery Korean-style Bokadoosh to their award-winning honey and ginger buffalo sauce. What's more, all the dishes can be made vegan.