Best Burgers in Brighton

Who needs a girlfriend, when you have burgers? Who needs air, when you have burgers? Who needs fluffy kittens in little wizard hats, when you have burgers? From quirky little boozers to classic bars, Brighton's watering holes are home to some of the best burgers in the universe don't you know; whether you'd like yours with a lashing of mustard or a Krispy Kreme. Check out our recommendations for some of the best burgers in Brighton and get your chops around an unadulterated selection of premium beef patties and hearty fillings. 

Last updated on 25th July 2018

The Black Lion

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Burgers may only be a small part of what The Black Lion are all about, but they make sure it's all about quality rather than quantity. Whack that ball right out of the stadium and go for the veggie stack burger, which comes with spiced chickpea, borlotti and black turtle bean patty, topped with goat's cheese and spicy sauce.

Revolution Brighton

6 user reviews 5

When it comes to burgers, Revolution ain't messing around. The bar and kitchen serve up a hearty fare for all your burgerin' needs; want Wotsits on your burger - well you can have blooming Wotsits on your burger. They also have regular food and drink deals, and come nighttime the party gets started with their late licence.

Mash Tun

1 user review 5

With pop-up burger menu Burger Kult at the helm, Brighton's Mash Tun has been transformed from a raucous indie pub in the city, into a raucous indie pub in the city with awesome burgers to boot. Burger Kult promise everything from chopped chuck steak burgers and ground pork with maple bacon to caramelised red onion relish and pan-fried chorizo; their commitment to boisterous flavours is unparalleled. 


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Their name is MEATliquor for baby burgers sake, do you expect anything else from your beef filled patties? Hailed for bringing American themed burgers with an English twist to the droves of hungry seaside dwellers, it's not just the interiors at MEATliquor that are mind blowing. From the sumptuous slaw mass that is a Dead Hippie burger to their shaved rump steak of a Phili Cheesesteak, MEATliquor are making burgers look easy. 

Lucky Beach

3 user reviews 4

Smother me senseless in pure patty joy. It may be one of Brighton's lesser known ventures for a hearty burger, but it's one of the top notch destinations. If you're not spinning in the savoury juices of meat sourced locally, you'll be dousing your chops in their selection of homemade sauces. Try their Smokey Bacon on for size; a mind melding blend of two beef patties, chipotle BBQ sauce and their own mayonnaise.