Best Burgers in Brighton

Whether you like your buns filled with piles of meaty morsels or you're after a stack of the vegan variety, we can all agree that you can't beat a patty for a tasty mouthful. To save you the trouble of searching around this seaside town, we've done the hard work and compiled a list of all the best places for burgers in Brighton.

The Bok Shop

Prone to pick poultry over beef for your burger filling? Then The Bok Shop is the place for you. The chicken specialists top their birds with everything from crunchy satay sauce through to slow-cooked BBQ ham hock. What's more, all their dishes can be made vegan or veggie.

What The Pitta

Experts in meat-free kebabs, What The Pitta has now expanded its offerings into burger territory. Putting its own vegan spin on things, the Brighton restaurant's options may be little, but you can be sure that they deliver in the taste department.