Drink Tuaca in Brighton

No trip to Brighton is complete without it, no night out in Brighton is complete without it and barely any bars in Brighton dare leave it out of their drinks menu; it could only be one sweet nectar, and that's Tuaca. With Brighton in its roots, this vanilla flavoured liqueur has adapted to celebrity drinking status quite nicely, with its infamy registered with every ringing of the bar till. Check out our recommendations for some of the best places to drink Tuaca in Brighton and get your chops around that 'liquid sunshine' that everybody has been talking about. 

Putting on some of the best shows, burlesque and Cabaret in Brighton, Proud Brighton are known for their luxurious and traditionals Twentieth Century interiors, period parties and sumptuous late nights. If it's Tuaca you want, it's Tuaca you're sure to get at just £3.50 without a mixer, worth it for one of the most unique spots to drink Tuaca in the city. 

Mash Tun

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They're one of the rowdiest indie pubs in Brighton, if this joint aren't packing Tuaca by the bucket load we don't know who is. Catch this Brighton party staple for a sweet student deal of 3-4-2 on shots and get more than familiar with rewowned seaside tipple, and heck, who says you even need to share. If you're not dancing on the tables at Mash Tun by the time that you're done, you're just not doing it right. 

Twisted Lemon

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Tucked down an illuminated yellow alleyway, this teeny tiny cocktail bar may not register at first on your drinking route, but it's a top notch stop off for a Tuaca tipple or three, especially for fans of cocktail concotions. Tuck in to their Black Forest Gateau Martini where Tuaca is mixed with Cointreau, a dark chocolate liqueur and cherry liqueur, all topped off with a cream float, dreamy to say the least. 

With so colourful a collection of characters to be found at The Marlborough Pub and Theatre, it's no wonder that Brighton's most colourful shot is available, practically on tap. With regular buy one get one free deals on Tuaca, The Marlborough is just the place to grab a taste of this infamous vanilla flavoured liquid of Brighton life without breaking the bank. 

Hotel Pelirocco

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Many have hailed this quirky little joint as one of the first places that they were introduced to Tuaca; and that's all because the bar staff are pretty big fans of the tipple in Brighton, that and it tastes great of course. Known for their vintage antics, rock and roll interiors and fanciful party flair, this is just the joint to gather a taste of Brighton (Tuaca, silly) and gather a feel for one of the most creative cities in the world.