Wine Tastings and Events in London

From a fruity red to a dry white, you might think you've got the world of wine down but these London wine tastings are here to prove you wrong. Nab a place at a wine event in London for nights that will help you distinguish your merlots from your malbecs, show you how to taste different notes and teach you what it really takes to create your evening glass of sauvignon blanc.

Last updated on 7th January 2019

Whether you're looking to become a bona fide wine expert or simply to indulge in wine and cheese, Bedales Wines will have the London wine masterclass for you. The spot has regular tasting events and you can also complete WSET levels there.

@ Wine Vault and Bar on Wednesday 20th March and Thursday 2nd May 2019

Looking for a fun experience? Head to this Shoreditch spot, where you'll find the ultimate grape-centred class, pairing delicious wines with quality cheese and chocolate. Not only will you be a vino pro, but you can taste, smell and learn all about wine.

Divino In Vino are serious about introducing you to unusual wine varieties; join the bespoke wine company for evenings that look at orange bottles, grapes from Morocco and sparkling wines.