London's Best Ramen Restaurants

On the hunt for a shio-style soup, a just-about-boiled egg or a big hunk of slow-cooked pork? You're in luck - these Japanese restaurants are serving up ramen like it's going out of fashion (which, you'll be pleased to hear, it definitely isn't). From Brixton market stalls to secret Soho spots, check out our guide on where to find the best ramen in London here. Napkins at the ready.

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Originating in Fukuoka nearly fifty years ago, Yamagoya's buzzing Waterloo spot is a far cry from the brand's humble beginnings - but one thing remains unchanged - the yamagoya ramen recipe. The atmosphere at this contemporary restaurant is relaxed, with long sharing tables and an easy to digest menu with just five varieties of their famed bowl.


Looking for London's best noodles? Located just a short stroll away from Tower Bridge, Hakata is the perfect place for a quick refuel after a long day of sightseeing. Suitable for even the pickiest of eaters, each ramen bowl here can be totally customised, with the option to choose noodle hardness, extra toppings and make swaps for vegan alternatives. Did we mention it's pretty cool here too?


Located in the heart of the City, Koya is a sleek and pared back eatery specialising in traditional udon noodles. Their signature atsu-atsu bowls can be topped with prawn tempura, pork and kasu-miso, beef and smoked mackerel amongst others. And to wash it down? There's an impressive selection of sake, beer and tea - all imported directly from Japan.

Tonkotsu Hackney

Boasting eleven venues across the city, Tonkotsu understands that the devil is in the detail, hence why they cook every single noodle for exactly 32 seconds. For something a little different, opt for the veggie-friendly miso mushroom ramen, made with hoards of shiitake, enoki and shimeji mushrooms and garnished with their trademark seasoned egg.


Monohon is a tiny ramen restaurant located just a stone's throw away from Old Street roundabout. Originally starting off as a pop-up trawling East London's markets, the menu here focuses on just 7 bowls of ramen - some soupless and some classic. Grab a seat by the open kitchen for a sneak peek into the labour of love that goes into every bowl.