When most people think of Notting Hill, they tend to think of the Notting Hill Carnival, the Portobello Road Market and the eponymous film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Now, the film aside, it€™s safe to say that the Carnival and Market are some of the biggest attractions to the area.

Tourists flock to the Portobello Road Market, which has been featured in various mediums of pop culture from pop music videos to Hollywood films. Even Bargain Hunt likes to venture to Portobello Road to check out the Antiques Market, the main day for antiquing traditionally occurring on Saturdays

The Carnival also sees more than its fair share of visitors over the Bank Holiday Weekend in August. Crowds previously peaking at 1.5 Million people; making the Notting Hill Carnival one of the largest Street Festivals in Europe. For our list of selected venues for the Carnival €“ Click Here.

However, Notting Hill is also famous for the number of trendy bars and top quality pubs and restaurants in the area. Notorious for clublife as well as publife, you won't be suprised to see Notting Hill pubs appear regularly on our Best Beer Gardens shortlist. So if you€™re looking for that certain place, that perfectly defines what you would consider the Notting Hill Pub; or looking for that elusive much-talked about classic Notting Hill Club, you€™re sure to find it here.

Best of Notting Hill Clubs, Bars and Pubs

1) Portobello Lounge (click here for more info)

Portobello Lounge

Based on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, they provide the perfect space to relax and unwind in comfortable surroundings. Whether you are looking for the perfect cocktail, a smart business lunch, afternoon tea or an elegant dinner, they have the ideal space for you.

Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate
Cocktail Bar
Budget Category:
Happily Affordable

2) Trailer Happiness (click here for more info)

Bar in Trailer Happiness

Trailer Happiness is an intimate lounge bar in Notting Hill, den and kitchen on Portobello Road with the e-z-boy feel of a low rent, mid-60s California valley bachelor pad. You must try a famous and very potent cocktail volcano!

Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate/Ladbroke Grove
Lounge Bar
Budget Category:
Happily Affordabl

3) Supperclub (click here for more info)

Lounge and Dancefloor, Supperclub

Anything can happen at Supperclub. Don't come here if you're in search of traditional food and have lazy taste buds or scared of new experiences. Discover the creative corners of your personality at Supperclub. Freedom is the word. Enjoy the mix of food, music, performance and art. Everything goes here at this Notting Hill Club. Come and discover it...

Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate/Westbourne Park
Restaurant Bar
Budget Category:
Splash the Cas

4) Ruby and Sequoia (click here for more info)

Ruby and Sequoia Lounge

Ruby and Sequoia is split over two floors, just off Portobello. This unique and glamorous venue offers everything for the perfect day or night out in Notting Hill. It is special because it is such a good all-rounder, serving fine food in the restaurant upstairs and providing a great party place downstairs for drinks.

Nearest Station: Westbourne Park
DJ Bar

Budget Category: Happily Affordable

5) Ground Floor Bar(click here for more info)

Ground Floor Bar

Ground Floor Bar is a hip bar in Notting Hill that serves up laid back tunes and delicious drinks. Lounge out here during the day or come for some Notting Hill glam in the evenings. If you are hungry you can visit the First Floor Restaurant upstairs.

Nearest Station: Ladbroke Grove            
Lounge Bar

Budget Category: Happily Affordable

Didn't quite make the list but also worth checking out are: 

Notting Hill Arts Club
Mau Mau Bar