Best Food Challenges in London

With an abundance of restaurants, each competing to offer London the best culinary experience, it was only a matter of time before the city's eateries began challenging their customers to take on a number of culinary adventures. In recent years, the popularity of food challenges have grown massive. Some of London's best restaurants have started to offer copious amounts of delicious food for their more enthusiastic visitor. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a spice maverick or have one of those magical never-filling stomachs, we've got the answer: here's a list of the ten best food challenges in London, all offering a place in the Elysium Fields of culinary history. 

Last edited by Kavita Singh

Camden BBQ

London's rib challenges has never been so delicious. Covered in smokey, barbecue sauce and weighing in at 1.5kg, Porky's Man vs Ribs challenge is definitely achievable. Alongside a kilo of succulent ribs, you'll have to consume 400 grams of crispy french fries if you want your mugshot posted up on their infamous Wall of Fame. Challengers who successfully tackle this challenge also get a shirt and a free meal for two the next time you visit. 

Red Dog Austin Bar-B-Que Shoreditch

Arguably the bravest culinary adventure you can take is the Naga Viper Hot Wing Challenge at Red Dog Saloon. Nestle way in Hoxton Square, this American barbecue joint packs a punch with its mouth-watering, albeit daunting menu and irresistible cocktail selection. To produce their stomach-burning hot wings, Red Dog's chefs use a marinade composed of Naga Viper peppers, a hybrid chilli that's 1,300 times spicy than the average Jalapeño. You've been warned, approach London's hottest chicken wing challenge with extreme caution.


Three delicious dishes, all covered in jalapeño and ready to burn their way through your vital organs; sounds like the Triple Chilli Challenge at Meatliquor. You've got ten minutes to complete this heart-clogging challenge. Alongside an exquisite, jalapeño covered burger, you'll have to wrestle a chilli dog and a portion of their delicious fries slathered with chilli con corne, melted cheese and a daunting helping of even more jalapeños. There's no time to rest; just sit down, start chewing, close your eyes and think of England!