Best Places to Get a Bloody Mary

When it's Sunday morning and you've got that familiar heaviness in your head, there's only one thing that'll sort it out and it isn't a hangover fry-up. Reach for your tomato-y friend the Bloody Mary to blow away the cobwebs and get you ready for the day ahead. Even if you haven't been out the night before, it's hard to resist the allure of the spiciness and complexity of a good Bloody Mary. We've rounded up the best places to get a Bloody Mary in London so you can get your fix.

Last updated on 9th May 2019

The Southsider Cocktail Club made waves in the 2011 British tabasco Bloody Mary competition with their 'Bloody Warhol'. All the classic ingredients are combined with either beef jerky Gentlemen Jack or Beef Jerky 42 below vodka with chicken salt and celery bitters to create this taste sensation that's served up in a retro looking Campbell's soup tin.

Paradise knows that everyone's Bloody Mary preference is different. Whether you like yours spicy, peppery or lemony, you can get a cocktail to suit you with Paradise's Sunday 'Bloody Mary Club'. You'll get tabasco, worcestershire sauce, horseradish, black pepper, lemons and the all important vodka served up on a tray alongside a variety of more unusual ingredients so you can create a D.I.Y masterpiece.

The Redchurch

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The Redchurch has a great location, plush seating, friendly staff and its very own secret weapon, their amazing Bloody Marys. With the right amount of lemon and firey tabasco kick, not only is this one of the best Bloody Marys in London but there's six on the menu to choose from. Try their original made with Absolut Peppar Vodka or their more adventurous 'Bloody Maria' with added tequila.

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As one of the greatest and most innovative cocktail bars in London, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that The London Cocktail Club also whips up a bloody good Bloody Mary. This basement bar's version of the classic is actually called the 'Red Snapper' and uses gin instead of vodka. To top it all off, it's served in a Heinz Beanz can!

The Jam Tree Clapham

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If you're a believer that variety is the spice of life, you'll need to get yourself over to Jam Tree for one of their numerous Bloody Mary's. Much like their sister venue in Chelsea, the folks at Jam Tree line up a selection of nine different options with influences from all over the globe for you to sample.

Whether you're nursing a hangover or embarking on a bloody good booze, The Bull's head is a delightful spot for a Bloody Mary. Perched right by the Barnes riverside and decked out in traditional English pub meets country house décor, the setting couldn't be better! If it's a bit of grub you're hankering after, The Bull's Head will feed you with some hearty British pub fare. 

The Jam Tree Chelsea

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This stylish gastropub on King's Road offers not one, not two, but NINE different Bloody Mary's for visitors to select between at the weekends. From the hot pepper sauce infused Fiery Caesar to the painstakingly created Bloody Bull via the Classic Bloody Mary, the folks at Jam Tree cater for palates of all persuasions.

If the fact that you have to enter this secret basement bar through a SMEG fridge doesn't make The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town cool enough, head there for their weekend brunch where it gets even better. Their D.I.Y Bloody Marys come with over 21 ingredients to add and the base is made with their home roasted cherry tomatoes and a bundle load of tasty spices.