All The Nice Things You Said About Brighton In Our 2021 City Survey

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It's the big reveal from the DesignMyNight City Survey, with everything you Brightonians love about where you live coming in hot. From feeling at home in a community that celebrates diversity to a fondness for pretty much every neighbourhood in town, these are all the nice things you said about Brighton. There must be something intoxicating in the sea air because you lot are head over heels

You Love How Inclusive Brighton Is

"I like how happy and alive the city is. It's full of unique and interesting people or experiences."

"It’s a very inclusive and community driven city; it allows people to truly be themselves."

"How friendly, kind and supportive people can be in the area. You feel free to be whoever and wear whatever... it's the best feeling to live in such an amazing community."

"I love how diverse the amazing city is. There’s so much opportunity and life. It’s filled with interesting people and exciting places to try! Great food, great music, great vibes all round."

"I love the inclusive aspect of our community values and that it’s a safe place to go out for my LGBTQ+ friends. I also love all the food options, including vegan places!"

"Everyone is so friendly and happy because it’s the best place to live in the world!"

Club Revenge Brighton | DesignMyNight

You're sashaying the night away in Brighton's gay bars.

And That Each Area Is Unique

"There are a cluster of neighbourhoods in Brighton and Hove and pretty much all of them are walking distance. Hove has some fancy bars and restaurants, central Brighton has the clubs and chains, but my personal favourite Hanover has the best chill pubs."

"I live right in the centre of all the fun and goings-on. You can never not find something to do here in Brighton, from The Lanes to markets, the beach and quirky little festivals."

"Kemptown is my favourite. There's so many restaurants, cafes and cabaret shows."

"Try The Lanes for a diverse range of places to shop, eat and drink."

Proud Cabaret Brighton Kemptown | DesignMyNight

For quirky bars in Kemptown, Proud Cabaret has you covered.

Plus, There's Boozy Brunches Galore

"My favourite places are the tranquil St Ann’s Well Gardens in Hove and brunch spots like Six."

"After drinking the bottomless brunch dry we would then love to carry on to a cocktail bar for some more good vibes."

"Brighton has vibrant food with micro-seasonal options, lots of independent hidden gems, a bustling brunch scene and is reactive to evolving food trends and dietary choices."

"A perfect night out starts with a fun, delicious bottomless brunch in the late afternoon, then onto fun cocktails somewhere with a unique menu."

Boozy Brunch In Brighton | DesignMyNight

From butlers in the buff to plenty of pizza, Brighton's brunches are a big hit. 

It's A Great Place For A Bar Crawl

"You could spend ages bar hopping in Brighton."

"My dream night out would be going to a boozy brunch with all my friends, followed by bar hopping and dancing all night."

"We love drinks at Twisted Lemon and dinner at The Coal Shed, ending up at a venue with music."

"I love a big girls night out: start with a bottomless brunch and then do a bar hop around rooftop bars or ones with a view."

"I love Hove - lots of really great pubs dotted all over."

Patterns Brighton Rooftop Bar | DesignMyNight

Sips and scenery - a trip round Brighton's bars has it all.

And You Love To Be Entertained

"My dream night out would be with my girlfriend in London or Brighton, taking in cabaret, a dining experience, drag show or theatre."

"I love all the fabulous places to eat, drink and be entertained in Brighton."

"To get the night started and get everyone laughing, an escape room. Then we'd go out for a nice meal together, probably Italian. Finishing off with a unique cocktail bar, maybe with games and good music (classic feel-good tunes)."

"I like to go for a drink somewhere really quirky or with entertainment."

"I finish off a night in Brighton by going to either a late night drag show or themed club night until the early hours."

Alcotraz Best Events In Brighton | DesignMyNight

Live music, comedy, cabaret and immersive events; you're never short of things to do in Brighton.

Topping It Off? That Gorgeous Seafront

"I love the food, bars and cafes in Brighton; plus how laid back it is compared to London but still with everything at your finger tips! Not to mention...the sea!"

"We like to head up to the The Ivy for a boujee dinner and cocktails, then over to Bohemia for one final drink on the rooftop bar. We finish the night off on the seafront at The Tempest Inn or maybe Revenge for a dance."

"I would recommend the seafront when the weather is good so you can get a drink and watch the sunset."

"We head down to the beach for some live music, drinks and shots, then dancing into the night!"

"I love a dip in the sea and a sauna on the beach with friends. Then drinks and food at live music bars along the seafront in the sunshine!"

The Tempest Inn Brighton | DesignMyNight

You love to end your night at seafront spots like The Tempest Inn.

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