Pre-Drinks in Brighton

Ah, the heralded pre-drinking tradition. While drinks, before other drinks, may seem like an unusual past-time to some, pre-drinks have become something of a night out standard in Brighton. Whether you fancy a sweet slathering of pre-dinner cocktails or some raucous tipples before a dance floor schmooze by the beachfront, Brighton harbours some cracking pre-drinking destinations. Check out our recommendations for the best bars to visit for pre-drinks in Brighton and go for drinks, that's right folks, before other drinks. 

Fiddler's Elbow

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Now we couldn't introduce to you a page of pre-drinks destinations in Brighton without one jolly ol' boozer now could we. One of the most infamous Irish pubs in Brighton, this somewhat dated seaside boozer is bustling with so charming a crowd, you'll wonder why you were leaving in the first place. From one of the cheapest pints of Guinness in the city to their lovely locals, it's a great place to start.

Brighton Rocks Bar

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You don't want to start off too hard, or you'll definitely be going home too early. Nab a drink in this charming little Kemptown bar as a warm up before a night out on the tiles, heck, go wild and grab a slab of dinner too! From a charming collection of cocktails, and cocktails classes, for those that like their tipples fruity to a top notch selection of local beer, it's a little kitsch but it's most definitely rearing from some pre-party liquid refreshments. 

Speakeasy at The Wick

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Now then, nobody said that pre-drinks in Brighton needed to be in some back alley boozer now did they; how about a secretive plot instead? Found at the end of a set of iron spiral stairs at The Wick Inn, this prohibition lounge is just the ticket for pre-drinks without the elbow pushing fuss. A 1920s styled speakeasy with the whisky cocktails to boot, The Speakeasy at The Wick Inn is a sumptuous and heart-warming pre-party destination. 


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Some like to start the evening all sorts of swanky, so why not take to a Brighton bar where those fancy thoughts will be reflected? One of the most luxurious bars in Brighton, Bohemia boast a cocktail menu that will make school grade chemistry look a breeze. From mixology mastery and creative concoctions down to the slick interiors, it's a high-grade start to any late night out in Brighton.