Mojito's in Birmingham

A traditional Cuban cocktail, the Mojito is a white rum based treat with fresh mint, lime, sugar and soda water that has been winning the hearts of cocktail drinkers for years now. Cocktail bars in Birmingham have this classic tipple down to a T so it's no surprise that the clever chaps have also created some cool twists and new exotic variants of the Mojito. If you're partial to this refreshing, minty highball then be sure to check out our list of the bars serving the best Mojito's in Birmingham. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!


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No stranger to cocktails, this party bar on Broad Street sure have mastered the Mojito.  Grab yourself a classic Mojito made with Bacardi superior white rum and we're sure you'll be impressed. As we all know, the Revolution chain are known for all things vodka so it's only right they have experimented and put a touch of what they love into this cuban classic. Whether you opt for the honey flavoured Sticky Mojito, the Bison Grass Mojito or refreshing raspberry they all have the same minty taste with a dash of extra flavour. 


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Standing out from other cocktail bars in Birmingham with their upmarket style and indulgent decor is Fumo. Ideal for date nights in Birmingham or chilled out cocktails with friend, their mouth watering selection will have you spoilt for choice. Having got the art of mixology down to a T, we're sure you can here for one of the most swanky Mojito's in Birmingham.


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This South American restaurant bar in Birmingham City Centre know cocktails inside out. Pop in here and they will rustle you up a tasty Mojito in no time all. Not content with just serving up the classics, Bodega have developed a white chocolate and passion fruit Mojito, adding fresh passion fruit, passion fruit syrup and white chocolate liqueur to the mix.


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Keeping things simple and classic, at Ginger's bar in Birmingham City Centre their cocktails take centre stage. With award winning bar staff, who know pretty much everything about mixology, inventing and experimenting with new flavours and mixes all the time. Whilst this cocktail bar might be known for it's wacky creations, they only too happy to pour classic cocktails. If you're looking for a hand crafted mojitio made by experts at a stylish bar in Birmingham, Ginger's is a must!