Quirky Cocktails in Birmingham

The world has seen a cocktail boom recently and Birmingham are more than ready for the adventure. Boasting some of the UK's most inventive treats, Birmingham's cocktail bars are at the forefront of a mixology revolution. From cocktails that taste like roast dinners, to drinks served in giant treasure chests, prepare to have your mind blown. Check out our recommendations for the best quirky cocktails in Birmingham and try your luck at one of these weird and wonderful Birmingham tipples. 

The Jekyll and Hyde

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A cocktail made with rum flavoured mint toothpaste? A cocktail sharer that arrives in a mini porcelain bath or watering can? That's just the start of quirky cocktail antics at The Jekyll and Hyde in Birmingham city centre. One of Birmingham's best cocktail bars, The Jekyll and Hyde amaze guests with their selection of inventive tipples and quirky drinks in their Victorian themed gin parlour. 


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A slick cosmopolitan cocktail bar in Birmingham city centre, Ginger's may look a little shy of the weird and wonderful but this cool bar are anything but that. From a selection of their very own tailor made treats, to cocktails reminiscent of roast dinners with a lamb, mint and spirit mix; Ginger's is a cool and quirky bar in Birmingham with masters of mixology loitering behind the bar. 

Loco Lounge

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Ever managed to get your mitts on a sherbet lemon flavoured cocktail in Birmingham? Funnily enough, neither have we, but we know of a place where you just might happen to find one! This cool and quirky, if not Parisian themed little bar in Birmingham stock a charming number of sweetie based cocktails that will have you swooning for penny sweets in no time.

Island Bar

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With a selection of over 70 different rums and tailor made cocktails under their belt, Island Bar is an exotic cocktail adventure in the city. Choose from a list of tasty treats invented by the bar staff themselves, or how about a cocktail in a mini volcano? Island Bar is a tiki cocktail bar in Birmingham with the exotic drinks and exotic decor to match thanks to two floors worth of themed fun. 


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Whilst tequila may be a heralded tradition, if not a right of passage for many shot takers, when was the last time you had a tequila based cocktail? Boasting one of the biggest ranges of tequila in the city, this quirky Birmingham restaurant bar has cultivated its own collection of tequila based cocktails that have both twang and attitude. 


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A slick city centre restaurant bar in Birmingham, Fumo is a decadent affair known for their delicious Venetian tapas and cosmopolitan decor, so where do cocktails come in? Not only offering a classic selection traditional tipples, Fumo are known for their one off adventures such as an 'Egg and Chips' cocktail to celebrate Easter in Birmingham. 

The Prince of Wales

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Who told you that there was only one tiki bar in Birmingham? They were lying, we promise. Whilst a traditional pub out front, The Prince of Wales harbour an exotic secret in amongst the cool quirks of their weird and wonderful beer garden. A tiki bar complete with sand floors, a bamboo front bar and cocktails that come in treasure chest's, Motiki is a hidden treat with hidden cocktail treasures to match.