Bars In Digbeth

One of the city's most exciting nightlife spots, Digbeth has seen a huge influx of drinking dens and restaurants over past years, from sprawling tropical beer gardens to cool and quirky cafes and classic pubs. To help you navigate this ever-changing and oh-so-trendy area of Birmingham, we've had the pleasure of rounding up the best bars in Digbeth for you to check out.

Last edited by Kiera Chapman

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The Ruin

This unique pub flaunts an astounding lineup of craft beers and delicious food. Alongside The Ruin's daily offering of sumptuous flatbreads, huge wraps and hearty stews, you'll find a wide selection of booze to wash it all down.


A stunning little craft beer spot in the city, Kilder has as much in the way of substance as it does in style. With an extensive array of brews on offer, they also whip up delicious natural wines and all your favourite classic cocktails.

Chance & Counters Birmingham

Definitely one of the quirkiest spots in the city, Chance & Counters is a board game bar serving up craft beers, cocktails and classic comfort eats. Home to over 500 games, this Custard Factory cafe can keep you and your mates entertained all day long, with friendly staff on hand to help you navigate their collection.