Best Burgers in Birmingham

Patty patrons, raise your bun and raise it high. With Birmingham known for their edible offering, it's no wonder that burgers are coming up such trumps. From delicious doughnut buns, and brioche babes, to hand-made BBQ sauces and seriously sought after slaw, Brum in a bun is how many like to spend their weekends in the city. Heck, we sure as hell do. Check out our recommendations for the best burgers in Birmingham and get your gob chocka with some premium patties. 

The Rose Villa Tavern

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Would you look at that shining example of burgers at The RVT above, isn't it just majestic? A quirky pub with patty attitude, The Rose Villa Tavern is a great option for more unique burger fare. Try their 'Buffalo Burger' with buttermilk fried chicken and ranch dressing, or tuck in to a 'Pickleback Burger' with fried pickle spears and welsh rarebit.

The Lord Clifden

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Even though their 10oz burgers are homemade and their chicken burgers are pure breast, that's not the only reason why the Lord Clifden's burgers are known throughout the city. With thematic burgers that change regularly – including The Brexit, beef with Italian pastrami, swiss cheese, Dijon & sauerkraut – it can be one of the most delicious adventures you've ever been on.