Pubs In Harborne

A small suburb just a stone's throw away from the heart of Birmingham city centre, Harborne is a grand shout for those after cosy pints and comfort eats. From kitsch bars to a dapper selection of traditional boozers, we've got to lowdown when it comes to this relaxed retreat. Check out our recommendations for the best bars in Harborne and venture out to the outskirts of the UK's second city to see what drinking discoveries you might find. 

Last edited by Jasmine Lee Kennedy

The Vine

For pubs in Harborne with food, it doesn't get any better than The Vine. Along with a great selection of ales and beers, the spot dishes up hearty and homely meals at an affordable price. Enjoy munching on chilli cheese burgers, mac 'n' cheese or baked veggie lasagnas.

The Plough

Whilst it may appear to be a traditional pub on Harborne High Street, The Plough is full of subtle quirks that make it just that bit more special. With vintage signage, unique lighting and comfy sofas, the venue also offers a menu filled with delish British fare - think Cuban sandwiches and classic burgers.