Happy Hour in Birmingham

Scrimpin' and saving? From Birmingham's biggest clubs to its most cool and quirky watering holes, there are plenty of places to find yourself dabbling in a great drinks promotion or food deals. 2-4-1 cocktails or an almighty spread of pocket friendly tipples are just some of the many options you'll have when it comes to wallet-friendly, after-work drinks. Check out our recommendations for the best happy hours in Birmingham.

The Rose Villa Tavern

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This cool and quirky pub in Birmingham is a daily treat when it comes to offers. Why not try their 2-4-1 on Fish and Chips every Tuesday between 5 and 9pm. But how about something to wash that deal down with? Every Friday The Rose Villa Tavern lower four of their favourite cocktails even lower between 4-7pm.

Everybody loves a happy hour, but one that lasts only an hour is just amateur. At Be At One you can get 2-4-1 cocktails from 4.30pm - 8pm Monday - Wednesday, 4.30pm - 7pm Thursday and Friday, 2pm - 6pm on Saturday and all night Sunday. Clearly there's plenty of opportunity to reach a cocktail-induced bliss at this lively spot. Be At One, we salute you. 

The Jekyll and Hyde

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Whilst their cocktails may be a frenzy of creative flavours, their happy hours prices certainly won't cripple your bank balance. Boasting a selection of reduced hand-made cocktails every day between 4-7pm and all day Saturday, this quirky and characterful bar promises a splendid choice of mouth-watering mixology at prices you'll be chuffed with. 

The Loft

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Whilst they may be slightly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham's gay strip on Hurst Street, The Loft Lounge is a sleek restaurant bar that's still renowned as a weekend party venue with the cocktail hour to boot. It's 2-4-1 on these classic tipples between 5-7pm every Monday-Wednesday, 5pm-midnight every Thursday and Friday's between 7-9pm. 


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It doesn't matter what day of the week that you happen to stumble across Sobar in Birmingham's bustling Arcadian centre, you can rest assured that you'll always find a friendly, welcoming happy hour deal to drink with. If cocktails are your thing then head to Sobar any day between 11am and 9pm for 2-4-1 on their tasty, carefully crafted concoctions. 

Island Bar

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You didn't think that one of the best cocktail bars in Birmingham would let a happy hour slip through their fingers now did you? Don't be a silly pecker! With selected cocktails starting from a mere £4.50 until 10pm, this infamous tiki bar is serving up a bounty of creative concoctions at a price that wont break the bank!


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If it's not the lure of this cool and quirky bar in Birmingham city centre that pulls you in, let their drinks promotions do the work instead. From 4-7pm everyday, Bodega produce a selection of their tailor-made and hand-crafted cocktails at reduced prices. Better still, for the more inquisitive revelers, see if you can find there secret bar, Sugarloaf.

Walkabout Birmingham

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This Aussie themed bar has taken over in many of the UK's liveliest cities, offering a laid-back, easy going area to watch the latest sporting events and enjoy some delicious comfort foods. From Monday to Friday between 5-7pm, guests can take advantage of the venue's enticing 2-4-1 Happy Hour drinks deal. Grab a drink, sit back and relax in this easy-going Birmingham bar.  

The Lost & Found

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50% Off Steak & Pasta - Tuesday and 4 other offers

Looking for some crafty, well made cocktails in the city that won't break the bank? Try Hettie's cocktail club on for size. Cocktails are reduced between 5-8pm at this cool and quirky Birmingham bar. With bags of character, influences are kept well in the past with tipples based upon the adventures of Victorian explorer Hettie. G Watson.


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Hey, you there, you look like you have a penchant for posh cocktails and a taste for the finer things in life. If you agree with our claims then the cocktail  Happy Hour at this slick, city centre cocktail bar is a must. Boasting 2-4-1 on cocktails every Thursday at their between 6 and 10pm, Nuvo is one of the glitziest happy hours of them all.