Best Seafood Restaurants in Birmingham

We take seafood seriously in Great Britain and it’s no different in the nation’s second city, which boasts an impressive array of restaurants that offer delectable seafood. Whether it’s a hearty plate of lobster or caviar in a champagne lounge, there is something in that big blue sea for anyone’s taste buds. So make sure you check out our list of the best seafood restaurants in Birmingham because the ocean is full of wonders and nearly every one of them is delicious.

Harvey Nichols may not dedicate its whole menu to what's in the sea, but it is still one of the best seafood restaurants in Birmingham through talent alone. Their dishes are seasonal, offering plates like halibut with shellfish mousse and herb brioche or even a full grilled lobster. If you're sat at the bar, or only feeling a bit peckish, they offer smaller plates, such as scallops, squid or tempura oysters. Seafood like this is the reason high dining was invented.