Where to Watch The UEFA Nations League In London

You're upset. We get it. You can't make it to the Nations League final in Portugal and you're fuming. But it's not over yet...

From pop-ups to proper lovely pubs, we won't let you miss a bit of the action as we bring you some of the best places to catch the UEFA Nations League in London. England V Holland? England V Netherlands? You'll get to lap up every beautiful goal alongside a beer or three.

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Last updated on 16th May 2024

Bat & Ball

You'll be able to catch the UEFA Nations League at Bat & Ball in Stratford alongside a stadium-like atmosphere and plenty of entertainment. The activity bar prides itself on its live sports showings throughout the venue, alongside its DJ sets, ping pong, pool and interactive darts, seven days a week. Secure your spot and order some tasty half-time snacks to your table, such as loaded nachos, alongside signature cocktails and delicious beers.