London's Best Espresso Martinis

The origins of the espresso martini are said to have started in Soho in 1983 at the bar of Dick Bradsell. After a request from a customer who wanted a drink that would "wake her up, and f*ck her up", Bradsell smashed together coffee and vodka and the rest was history. Nowadays it's commonplace on any cocktail menu, with everywhere from uptown restaurants to your local 'spoons offering to shake one up for you. But, if you really want to see where this classic cocktail can go, we've selected some spots to scope out the best espresso martinis in London.

Writer: Olivia Cheves

Last updated on 21st August 2020


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One of South London's most unique takes on the classic cocktail, Peckham's Batch offers gin and vodka versions of the espresso martini. Head down Rye Lane to see your spirit of choice shaken up with its bespoke mix of Nola Coffee Liqueur, cold brew and cardamom and coriander syrup.

Mac & Wild Fitzrovia

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The Scottish spirit reigns supreme on the Mac & Wild cocktail list as their Talisker 10-laced Black Watch brings together coffee liqueur, cold brew, Amaro and Janaszoon coffee beans. And if you're looking to grab one on the go, the restaurant offer it pre-bottled, so you can get you sip on from the comfort of your own sofa.

Sure, everyone raves about the food, but its Dishoom's Monsoon Martini that makes us weak at the knees. Catuai espresso comes 'vivified' with Luksusowa, chilli liqueur, walnut bitters and the perfect crema. And so what if you're having a night off the sauce, they've also concocted the Dry Monsoon Martini that loses the booze but none of the flavour.

Shoreditch Grind

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If you're looking for the classic concoction done good then you should be making your way to Grind at your earliest possible convenience. A double shot of their house blend comes laced with Finlandia vodka and a touch of sugar syrup for a cold, refreshing cocktail designed for leisurely sipping. But if you are going for something a little bit more experimental, their Flat White Russian is a must-try.

One for the real pilgrims, this chic Pan-Asian restaurant and bar on Greek Street is located on the site formerly held by the Soho Brasserie, a.k.a the birthplace of the espresso martini. Head in and sample the heir to Dick Bradsell's Vodka Espresso with Gamma Gamma's Black Pool that throws vanilla and pistachio syrups into that classic concoction.