Stoke Newington Bars

Stoke Newington is a great area for finding some of the best nightlife in our fair city. There is an eclectic range of bars, from late night party spots to more chilled out hangouts, so you can find whatever kind of night you're looking for, even if it is just shy of Dalston. From exciting cocktails to artistic bars to underground havens hosting some of the best DJs around, you will not be disappointed by the selection on offer in trendy Stoke Newington. 

Victory Mansion

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Hailed as one of the best bars in Stoke Newington and with good reason, Victory Mansion is a name not to miss. From interiors that hark of the cool and the retro, down to a roster of small plates, incredible cocktails and creative drinks, this haunt is romantic, it's cool and it's primed for a catch-up. 

The Clarence

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Is it a pub? Is it a bar? Is it a restaurant, tea-house or Sunday lunch hangout? Not important. The Stoke Newington Tea House promises over 100 different types of tea, craft beer, a Tea School on its top floor, a secret basement bar (Bouverie Road Wine and Cheese Bar), and a cracking selection of food too - so let's not bog ourselves down with labels.