Bars Near Hyde Park in London

These bars provide a perfect pit stop from a lovely stroll through one of London's best parks or after a solid shopping session. Owing to their Mayfair proximity, they are usually very elegant, yet quite quiet (tourists don't tend to drink in the day, unlike Londoners) and are all just a short distance from a very beautiful London park. Check out our recommendations for the best bars near Hyde Park in our list below.

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Last updated on 20th March 2024

Blue Bar At The Berkeley

Blue Bar At The Berkley is a swerve drinking destination that's only a short walk from Hyde Park Corner. Here you'll find modern interiors courtesy of David Collins, who's paired dark blue walls with silver embellishments. Come for a late-night vinyl DJ set and indulge in tipples inspired by the haunt's musical legacy. Think drinks like the Earl of Kentucky Highball and the gin-based Golden Dawn Evolution. 

Clémence Bar

Just short stroll from the South-East corner of Hyde Park, you'll find Clémence Bar serving up loads of Champagne and wine for you to sup. Not only that, but there's French cheeseboards and cocktails from France to get stuck into too, alongside old school Parisian-inspired interiors setting the mood.