Student Clubs in Liverpool

The best thing about university has got to be the nights out - that's why we all go right? And if you've chosen Liverpool, then you've picked a city jam-packed with cool venues, all offering student-friendly drinks deals and weekly club nights. From underground basement bars to huge multi-level clubs, there's always something going on for you skint lot. Have a gander over our list of Liverpool's best student clubs - all well worth missing that 9am lecture for.

Last updated on 13th September 2019

This live music multi-venue is perhaps best known for it's steady stream of both up and coming musicians and renowned artists - including Fatboy Slim and Foals - but it also hosts a regular schedule of first-rate club nights and DJ sets. Dance through the night to a blend of chart hits, house tunes and hip hop beats whilst sipping on a selection of affordable drinks..