Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Liverpool

Years ago, if you asked where to eat vegan food in Liverpool, you could probably count the number of places on one hand. But now, veganism is getting bigger and bigger to the point where, not only is meat-free eating available nearly everywhere, it's done so well. So whether you are looking for your next ethical hangout or are wanting to eat out with your carnivorous friends, here's our list of the best vegan friendly restaurants in Liverpool for you to enjoy.

Wahaca is an oasis of South American charm and style in the middle of Liverpool. Whether you are having a drink on their rooftop bar or feasting in the restaurant below, you know you're getting that top quality service associated with the brand. Which is good, because their selection of vegan food is top notch, so you can feast on burritos, tacos and more while sipping on everything from sour cocktails to mojitos and margaritas.

Pho Liverpool

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If you love Vietnamese food, you're in luck as a quarter of Pho's menu is suitable for vegans. From aromatic curries to their signature noodle soup, this eatery has got herbivores on the brain, offering an extensive collection of dishes bursting with flavour. 

Our Kitchen is pretty much synonymous with healthy and delicious vegan restaurants in Liverpool. Serving up a selection of quirky and nutritious meals, their menu features everything from soups, small palates and buddha bowls to bigger dishes such as crispy mock duck salad.

Vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians alike have one thing in common: we all get hangovers. But what's the best way to cure a hangover? Not a fry up, it's some of the best vegan food in Liverpool from Down the Hatch. Their menu is packed with mouth-watering alternatives to classic dishes, featuring everything from macaroni cheese to fruit sundaes, all while washing them down with a selection of vegan beers, cocktails and wine.

Mowgli Liverpool

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Mowgli is relaxed in its atmosphere but not in its food, which is one of the reasons why it's one of the best vegan friendly restaurants in Liverpool. With the industrial-meets-rustic interior, it won't be difficult to convince anyone to get in there, and once you are, you'll be treated to a menu of delicious Indian street food – with the vegan food taking pride and place on the menu.