Best Restaurants Near Bold Street

From kitchens serving up chic eats to some of the city's most mouthwatering comfort grub, there's no lack of places to eat in the area. The thoroughfare has become known for its extensive selection of excellent dining destinations, trendy bars and cool cafes, so we're rounding up the best restaurants near Bold Street in Liverpool.

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Last updated on 29th April 2024

Toro's Steakhouse

When it comes down to halal Bold Street restaurants, Toro's Steakhouse is a real winner. Start off your meal with a tasting platter, all before you move onto the memorable mains, such as the juicy porterhouse complemented by lashings of house slaw.

Caribou Poutine

A comfort food hub, Caribou Poutine is bound to curb those cheesy chip cravings. The toppings run from classic curds and gravy to maple fried chicken and even a hangover breakfast-inspired offering. And if that's not enough? This venue also serves root beer.