Cheap Date Ideas & £10 Pints: Everything We Found Out In Our City Survey 2023 The Affordability Edition

Affordability City Survey 2023 Results | DesignMyNight

It’s all about the money, money, money. Last month, we sent out a questionnaire asking about your hospitality spending habits. We surveyed over 1500 people in the UK and gained some very interesting insights, from how the cost of living crisis is affecting you to whether people prefer 50p wings or 50p dumplings. We reveal the juicy bits from our DesignMyNight City Survey 2023: The Affordability Edition right here.

How The Cost Of Living Crisis Has Been Impacting You

Let's be honest - we've felt the pinch recently. Nearly 84% of you said that the cost of living crisis has been affecting your spending habits when going out. Between the hottest new openings and TikTok famous cocktail dens, it came as no surprise that a third also considered visiting restaurants and bars as essential spending. Willing to dish out a tenner for a croissant? Perhaps...

DesignMyNight Affordability Survey 2023 | DesignMyNight

Let the gift vouchers and discounts commence.

We also learned that 45.9% of you spend between £31 to £60 on a meal. Interestingly enough, last year, we asked the very same question and a majority said they cough up between £11 to £30 (42.2%). In 2023, we saw a slight decrease with only 37% saying they slung out under £30 for fare.

DesignMyNight City Survey Results 2023 | DesignMyNight

Fancy a cocktail after? Check out the best happy hours across the UK.

Where Are The Affordable Areas In Your City?

With the crisis in full swing, where should we be visiting if we're looking to save a pretty penny or two? We divulge the most popular answers across the UK.

City Survey 2023 Affordable UK Cities | DesignMyNight

Fancy a cheap night out? Edinburgh city centre was a popular choice.

How Much Did You Spend On Your Last Pint?

Want to know how much you're paying for a pint these days? Turns out a whopping 72.9% of you rustled up £4 to £6 on your last pint. Meanwhile, 15.6% paid £7 to £9. And 15 people even said they spent £10 or more on their last brewski – let’s hope that doesn’t become the new norm.

DesignMyNight Affordability Survey 2023 | DesignMyNight

To put that in perspective, beer lovers used to pay £2.30 on average pint back in 2008.

What Are You Willing To Splash The Cash On?

And when it comes to special occasions, 84.8% of you spend more on birthday bash than any other important date on your calendars. Date nights and anniversaries were also both key factors.

As for all the fun elements on an evening out? You folks mentioned that finger-licking good food is a must-have, with entertainment and live music also playing a huge role. And the 4.2% of you that picked 'other'? A good amount said you're more willing to fork out the cash when getting your money's worth.

DesignMyNight City Survey 2023 | DesignMyNight

One person mentioned 2-4-1 deals as another reason to spend more.

If You Could Dine At Any Restaurant Without Worrying About The Price Tag, You'd Go To:

City Survey 2023 UK Restaurant | DesignMyNight

Lu Ban was a favourite among you guys.

Your Cheap Date Ideas? You Spilled The Tea.

“A takeaway pint by the river, main course at a restaurant, and then stop by a gelato place for dessert.”

“Bottomless brunch followed by a happy hour bar for a few drinks. Then once you’re a bit tipsy, the budget goes out the window.”

“I would either find an offer on a set menu or cook dinner at home and go to a fun activity like Flight Club, F1 Arcade and London Shuffle Club.”

“Going to Maccys.”

“Me and my partner really love trying out places with a tasting menu, a great way to try lots of different things and usually, we’ll get a bottle of wine with that too.”

“I'll date myself. I'll cook for myself and pair my own drinks.”

City Survey 2023 The Results | DesignMyNight

Chips by the waves? Long walks and a pint? There were some great shouts in here.

Would You Rather….

74.2% admitted you'd rather forget your wallet on a first date than accidentally ordering a £300 bottle of wine. We don’t blame you.

Hold our beer. 66.4% of you would claim a bottle of champagne a week instead of a free pint every single day.

Buffet bites vs bottomless booze? It was a close one but 50.9% would choose unlimited food over endless drinks.

53.3% of you would nab 50p dumplings over 50p wings. Speaking of, our fellow Londoners can get an incredible 50p gyoza deal at Ollie's Kitchen Chelsea.

City Survey 2023 Questions | DesignMyNight

Personally, we’re crazy a-bao-t wings and dumplings equally.

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