Quirky And Unique Restaurants In The UK

If there's two things that Brits are pretty good at... it's wolfing down top-notch grub and being a bit weird. Then it's no surprise that we have put those two concepts together across the country, opening a whole host of eccentric eateries from Glasgow's West End to the Brighton beachfront. We've rounded up a selection of the most quirky and unique restaurants in the UK - just in case you're looking to try something a little different next time supper rolls around.

Last updated on 13th February 2023

Sheffield: Public

While settling down for your meal in a toilet wouldn't be our usual recommendation, Sheffield's subterranean drinking and dining den Public is quite the exception. Since being converted into a restaurant bar, its gained a reputation as one of the best places for date nights and gathering with mates alike.

London: Ballie Ballerson

It's a giant ballpit. Need I say more? Yes, Ballie Ballerson is the place giving big kids the night of their lives. If you dream of diving into a pool of plastic balls, then head over to one of the most quirky restaurants in London. They'll be serving up tasty pizzas and nostalgia-inspired cocktails to take you right back to those play days.