Shoreditch New Year's Eve Parties

Old Street is no longer reserved for start-up tech companies; now a buzzing plot for some of London's biggest parties, it's taking NYE head-on. So whether you're dancing in a dive bar or heading to a quirky hangout for cocktails as the clock strikes midnight, make this one to remember with our guide to the best New Year's Eve events in Shoreditch.

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Last edited by Lauren Cole

Alcotraz London: Cell Block Two-One-Two

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: London on Various dates from Sunday 21st July 2024

The notorious prison bar is starting your New Year's Eve in the naughtiest way; banging you up behind bars and mixing up illegal contraband into top notch cocktails. Located on Brick Lane, Alcotraz is an immersive two-hour experience that dresses you in orange jumpsuits and sees you sneaking past the warden.