Haunted London Pubs

Ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists and spectres are said to be found all round the capital. Yet like anyone, they also like a drink and can be found in numerous pubs across the city, and if you like a fright, you can join them. With murder victims, witches, convicts and even Dick Turpin all making appearances, check out our recommended list of the most haunted pubs in London. 

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The Volunteer

The Volunteer was owned by the notoriously wealthy Neville family in the 17th century, and the domineering patriarch Richard Neville is said to have since haunted the venue. Featured in Most Haunted, Neville supposedly stalks the pub's cellars and his evil and malicious nature has remained with him since. 

The Spaniards Inn

A favourite amongst ghost hunters, The Spaniards Inn is home to several ghosts including Dick Turpin. His father was apparently a landlord in the 18th century and the pub was used by Turpin as a hideout. Since, his ghost is said to haunt the pub along his trusty steed Black Bess. However, it is also haunted by other ghosts such as a man called Juan, killed in a duel and a mysterious lady in white. Take your pick.

Viaduct Tavern

Dating back to 1875, The Viaduct Tavern stands opposite the Old Bailey and is London's last example of a Victorian Gin Palace. Oh and it's also haunted. Experiencing years of poltergeist activity, it creepily all occurs in their cellars. Tales have ranged from being locked in to seeing objects thrown around the room and if you want you can see it for yourself, but don't expect any staff to follow you down. 

The Marlborough Head

Between the 12th and 18th century, thousands of criminals were executed at The Marlborough Head making it a venue synonymous with death. Large crowds turned out to witness the executions and were so popular that they were made public holidays. Ever since, a great range of convict ghosts are said to haunt the premises. 

The Grenadier

The Grenadier has a long history of ghostly visits. The first supernatural activity began occurring after a young subaltern was beaten to death by his comrades for cheating in a cards game. Ever since objects have disappeared, odd footsteps have been heard and the temperature has dropped for days on end. Mainly occurring in September (the month of the murder), its spooky events have since frightened staff and customers alike. 

Coach and Horses

Dating all the way back to the 1770s, the Coach and Horses has a chilling history, with ghost sightings that have put the fear of god in many witnesses. The story dates back to the 18th century that a ghostly figure was driving a coach pulled along by four horses yet as he got closer it became apparent that he was headless and that his passengers were staring at passer-byes with grave skull-like faces. Yuck.

Hoop & Toy

Built in 1760, the Hoop & Toy is the oldest pub in the Kensington area. Because it was built on a former grave site, like the beginning of any horror film, it is said to be haunted. Entombing the bodies of dead priests, the spirits are said to be trapped after local underground works disturbed their graves. Since then they wander around the pub lost, hoping to find a route to their place of worship.