Clubs in Greenwich

As South-East London becomes ever more accessible and desirable among hip circles, more and more people are crossing the river in search of hot late night bars and nightclubs. What better place to make port than nautical Greenwich which has captured the imagination of many great thinkers and late night drinkers in London's history. Let this recommended list of the best Greenwich nightclubs capture your imagination for a great night out.

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The IndigO2 is one of the best clubs not just in Greenwich but all of London. Nestled deep within the O2 Arena, you probably wouldn't guess that that this 2,800 capacity club was anything other than a venue for live-music shows, but in fact, it's a haven for late night antics.  

The Venue

It goes without saying that The Venue a top choice for clubbing in Greenwich. Split across an impressive six floors this quirky labyrinth offers everything you could desire from a raucous night out. Whatever music you want to hear The Venue probably plays it, the same goes for drinks too.