Make It Your Own: The London Restaurants Doing DIY Meal Kits

Published . By Olivia Cheves.

Isolation looks set to turn a lot of us into domestic deities as restaurant closures put us back in front of the cooker once again; lucky for us though, London eateries are coming through with more than just recipe inspiration. Enter the cook-at-home kit, a new take on the takeaway that won't leave you chowing down on moped-cooled pizza slices, but will instead deliver all the ingredients and instructions you need to make your eating-out faves whilst staying very much in.


Despite being one of East London's newer apparitions, this Whitechapel restaurant was among the first to start breaking down its dishes for you to have a crack at on your own hob. Alongside delivering the components of Sunday dinners and decadent meals for two, they're also fronting an interesting and affordable wine selection for you to peruse. 

Whitechapel's newest recruit is giving you a crash course in contemporary British eats.

Burger & Beyond

Known for serving up some absolute knee-tremblers in the burger stakes, patty maestros Burger & Beyond are making sure you don't go without their mouthwatering Bacon Butter Burgers in your time of need. Delivering to London and Essex, their put-together packs front four helpings of brioche burgers, buns, bacon and that all-import burnt butter mayo for one seriously indulgent night in.

Burger & Beyond DIY Meal Kit London

Don't miss out on Shoreditch favourites Burger & Beyond.


A Balham beaut with a passion for big brunches, Milk has opted to turn some of its most popular dishes into DIY packages. Bringing the most important meal of the day to your door, you can try your hand at perfecting some of their plates, including anzac biscuits, the sweetcorn fritter-fronting Sweet Maria and the meat, bread, eggs, cheese smothered monster that is The Convict.

Big brunches are back on the bill thanks to Balham's Milk cafe.

Le Swine

London's biggest bacon-lovers are making sure you don't go without your morning must-haves while in isolation. They've deconstructed their most mouthwatering menu item - the bacon butty - and will deliver the ingredients to your door in portions of 2 or 4 - but you're more than welcome to smash the whole lot in one big hungover sitting.

Give that basic bacon butty a glow-up with Le Swine's meal kit.

The Vurger Co.

Having initially made the full swerve to delivery at the start of lockdown, The Vurger Co. are taking things to the next level. Compile your own vegan patties with their handy cook-at-home kits, which include buns, burgers, toppings, fries and special sauce.

Screw the bean burgers and have a bash at some delicious vegan buns.

Pizza Pilgrims

These purveyors of excellent Neapolitan pizzas are giving you the goods to craft your very own crusts, and all it requires is a humble frying pan. Pizza Pilgrim's Frying Pan Pizza kit comes in vegan and full-dairy options, and furnishes you with dough, sauce and cheese, so you can still get creative with the decorations.

Prepare some of London's best pizza using just a frying pan.


Hand-made pasta and pour-over sauces are the order of the day at this Peckham favourite. Offering three order slots a week, Artusi can bring you fresh ingredients, alongside DIY dishes and ready-to-bake lasagnes, but make sure you get in there fast as they tend to sell out pretty sharpish.

Peckham's favourite pasta place are now bringing the fresh stuff to you.

Chin Chin

The sweet-toothed have been somewhat left out of the delivery boom, as restaurants strip back menus to showcase those more prominent main plates. Thankfully, Chin Chin is putting the world to rights on this account as the iconic ice cream-makers are giving you the tools to indulge in griddled cookie dough and monster hot chocs with their new DIY kits.

Satisfy those sugar cravings with Chin Chin's fluff-topped hot choc and DIY cookie dough.

Patty & Bun

If you're missing the bun-soaking delights of a proper Patty & Bun burger, the brand's meal kits should more than fill the void. Teaming up with butchers HG Walter, they'll be giving you all the necessary ingredients to make either their Ari Gold or Smokey Robinson burgers, complete with brioche buns and those all important onions.

Banish your burger cravings with a delicious dose of Patty & Bun goodness. 

Jimmy's Isolation Hampers

Having spent the last few years showing Londoners how to boss a BBQ and finesse a fondue, Jimmy Garcia is hoping you'll be putting those vital skills to the test during isolation. But to help out further? His latest range of top-quality meal kits and hampers will ensure you've got all you need to keep the eating good, from picnic staples to Sunday roast essentials.

Jimmy's Isolation Hamper DIY Meal Kits

You can count on Jimmy's Pop Ups to help supplement your weekend spreads.

Looking for more order-in options? We've launched DeliverMyNight, a whole campaign dedicated to just that.