A Way To Make London's Best Bacon Butty At Home? We've Found It

Published . By Tom Edwards.

le swine london's best bacon butty

Oh the things we'd do for a butty like you. 

Hold on to your horses (or your pigs, on this occasion), the masters of the bacon butty are bringing us the tools to make their namesake dish in our own homes, and it's a DIY dream.

Le Swine’s bacon butty kit (at just £12 for a 2 person feed) includes literally EVERYTHING you’ll need. You’ll receive some old fashioned middle bacon, Clarence court duck eggs, bacon butter, milk and onion buns, fresh sage and a selection of their homemade ketchup. Expect your butty to be as crispy as you’d like and as loaded as you can manage. Feeling bold? You could even try to recreate Le Swine’s signature runny egg yolk.

Starting from the streets of Camberwell, mentor and mentee came together to show London how good a bacon butty really can be. And although you can’t purchase from their amazing sixties Austin Morris ambulance as usual, you can get their best export from the comfort of your living room. The best part? Their kit also includes a voucher for a free butty when normal life resumes. 

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