Best Walking Tours In London

Ghost tours, guided walks and tasting tours; there's a whole other side of London that these guided walks are just waiting for you to uncover. Whether you want to know Jack the Ripper's jaunts or uncover the best beer on a stroll through the city, let these walking tour events in London be your guide. Check out our recommendations for some of London's walking tours and discover a hidden side of the capital.

Last updated on 18th July 2022

See Your City

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Take a magical tour round the parts of London filmed during Harry Potter in this sensation walking tour, with an interactive trivia quiz to prove who really is the biggest Potterhead. They also offer loads of other themed tours round the city too!

Historic London Tours

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Take a trip through 2000 years of the capital with Historic London Tours. Offering insight into some of the city's most landmark moments and notorious incidents, these events are sure to leave you wide-eyed and wiser.