Where To Find Great Fondue in London

Yeah, yeah, food is great and all, but have you ever tried dunking your dinner in molten cheese? London's best fondue pop-ups are taking bread, meat, pickles and veg and elevating it to godly status with a simple pot of melted heaven. So whether you're on a date or just feeling all kinds of hungry, check out this Swiss tradition at the best fondue events and restaurants in London.

Think we can do feta? Check out some of London's best cheese events.

Last updated on 15th September 2020

Keeping things seriously Swiss, Heritage is a Soho restaurant that takes the fondue to high-end places as meat plates and raclettes are brimming with luxury options for a cheese experience in souped-up Alpine space.

The Cheese Bar

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An entire bar dedicated to cheese is a pretty good place to start when seeking out the best London fondue. Located in Camden, this cute little spot serves up fondue, alongside more solid options, such as the epic goat's cheese, honey, walnut, and rosemary butter toastie.