Bars in Liverpool City Centre

When you have a nightlife scene as good as this city's, then you're bound to get your fair share of amazing bars in Liverpool City Centre itself. Ranging from the secret to the quirky, to the downright posh, no matter where you tread through the middle of the city, you're going to stumble onto a gem. So take a look at our recommended list of Liverpool City Centre bars and have a great time. 

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Last updated on 20th March 2024

Alcotraz Liverpool: Cell Block Three-Six

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Liverpool on Various dates from Tuesday 21st May 2024

Inspired by notorious prison stories and Hollywood movies, Alcotraz is the theatrical cocktail bar in Liverpool's city centre that you don't want to miss out on. Not only will you have to dress the part in an orange jumpsuit, but you'll also need to think of smart ways to smuggle booze past the guards...

Omg Liverpool

One of the best gay clubs in Liverpool city centre, OMG is bringing you cheap drinks, live entertainment and one of the funnest nights out in the city. Get ready to boogie until dawn with playlists packed with dancefloor fillers and throwback bangers.

Dorothy's Diner Liverpool

You'll find Dorothy's Diner on Victoria Street, slinging out American-inspired fare in its pretty pink surroundings. Here you can enjoy entertainment from resident drag queens who know a thing or two about serving moreish grub as well as looks. Tuck into the likes of Clucking Good Burger, topped with ranch sauce and chipotle mayo then wash it down with a bespoke, naughty cocktail. Think names like a Foreplay Martini and orange-flavoured The Mooner.

Roxy Ball Room

If you're bored of just having drinks, Roxy Ball Room has the solution you need. Count on fresh dough pizzas, beer pong and happy hour deals, as well as four pool tables and five ping pong tables to keep you and your mates truly entertained.