Cosy Pubs In Dublin

In this city you're never more than a meter away from a good pint, but between neon-lit bars and bustling student hangouts it can be hard to find a place to rest those weary legs and settle in with a beer and a good book. Not to worry though, because we've rounded up the cosiest pubs in Dublin for you, from mahogany-decked boozers to craft beer hideaways.

One of the oldest pubs in Dublin, The Long Hall was established around 1766 and still bears a lot of its original features. From handcrafted engravings to antique clocks and ornamental glassware it's got beauty on its side to be sure. Looks aside, they've also got some of the friendliest staff in the city who know their way around a good pint, proving that this spot is much more than just a pretty face.